Our Process


Our process is collaborative and detailed. We focus on every aspect of a project and adapt to each client’s distinct and expanding needs.

We keep things simple and effective. Our project process has been tried and tested throughout the years. It allows us to develop some kick-ass designs while maintaining a set production schedule and staying within your project budget.

Here’s the general way we do things…

Meet & Greet

We like to get personal by kicking off with a one-on-one meeting or video call to better understand your objectives and goals. We tailor our creativity to your needs, allowing us to align our services to best suit you.

Definition & Scope

We provide a comprehensive breakdown of prices and deliverables including final print or web details and a full production schedule. We pride ourselves on a workflow driven by productivity and deadlines.

Concepts & Doodling

This is where we perform our design magic. In most cases, the client is presented with several concepts that may include, depending on the project, a comp layout, suggested color palettes, and potential imagery use.

Presentation & Feedback

You are presented with viewable digital files via email, or with hard copy examples in a one-on-one meeting. Depending on the response, the Sass team provides up to three rounds of author alterations, such as text edits and minor design adjustments.